29 July 2009

paper planes

for the trees

adam ball is a british artist most well known for his 32-ft tall painting of an oak tree displayed in 2002 in london's golden square.  his recent work consists of charcoal drawings and acrylic paint on canvas stitched with gold thread to create sunlit effects.

wall art

illustrator charlotte mann created this marker pen drawing 
on the walls of the school of life on marchmont street in london

you can read about her works in this article from the sunday times.


is home to print liberation, the grassroots screen printing company of jamie dillon and nick paparone.  the flagship store just opened by the fountain in the piazza in northern liberties. 

my god...

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."
-frank lloyd wright

via things I have learned in my life so far, a collaborative design project by new york city artist stefan sagmeister.

25 July 2009

emily van ness

shoots amazing photos.

and here: flickr, jpg, etsy